Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day to Day norm?

First of all, our good friend (and when I say good, I mean the person that gets our children if God forbid something happens to us and my family can't take them good) is deploying today.  Keep him in your prayers, thoughts, whatever you do please!

I made a couple of things last night that I first want to share.  I found these recipes on Pinterest (where else? :)) and they turned out really well.  The first is homemade chocolate syrup, found here:  Jefferson drank two glasses of chocolate milk and I had it on ice cream with strawberries (we obviously have not started counting points again...).  It was really easy and is really good, without high fructose corn syrup.  Easy and good enough my mom said she may make it for my dad to use.  :)

The next thing I made were Easter Egg Nests for Dori's springtime school program.  That recipe can be found here:  They were super easy and really good.  I'm pretty sure there weren't any left when we left the reception today (though i'm not sure there was much left :)) and I'm not going to lie, I liked it when I heard people say they were cute and picked one up to eat.  :)  I also brought one to the homebound student I'm working with right now and she told me it was really good and I should become a chef.  Pretty high remarks from a high school freshman! :)  I did make a couple of changes.  I used my small Pampered Chef scoop to drop them on a cookie sheet, made them into the nests, but did not wait until they were cool to put the jelly beans in them.  I pushed them in while they were hot and the stickiness of the coconut held the jelly beans in them.  

The salsa chicken I talked about a couple of posts ago was pretty good, but I overcooked it.  I cooked it like I normally do stuff in the crockpot and not just for 4 hours.  Next time i'm going to shoot for 4 hours. :)

I apparently need to stay off of pinterest....I also made this skirt  The tutorial made it very easy and the girls skirts are really cute.  The only thing I changed between Dori's and Ginny's is that I did not add an inch of elastic past Ginny's waist size because I did that with Dori's and it fell off of her.  I was a little upset with myself that right after I finished her skirt I had to then immediately take it in.  Here's Dori's:

Please excuse Dori's shirt choice.  She was wearing jean shorts when she tried it on.  :)

Here's Ginny's:

We got Dori's daisy sticker and calendar for the upcoming school year.  Super excited about that!  I also met a friend of ours yesterday at the quilting store for her to pick out fabric for pillowcase dresses I'm making for her to give as a shower gift.  They are going to be incredibly cute!  So many things to do like always!  :)  

We're going to be able to actually put in a garden this year, which i'm really excited about for the fresh vegetables, and by we I mean the girls and I.  Many thanks to Kate and Brian for buying a house that won't hold their garden bed! :)  I had just told Anna Mae I didn't know what we were going to do for a garden then Kate needed someone to take hers!  Yay for fresh (and cheap!) food!

It has been a full week this week!  We went to the park with Richelle, Laura, Elly, and Emery on Monday, typical Tuesday of dropping Dori off at school, going to Beebs' for playtime, going to gymnastics for Ginny, then back to pick up Dori.  Wednesday I was that lady that took two of her kids to the gun store to get Jefferson's gun worked on plus running errands, then today we had music class and Dori's spring program.  My mom came up for that and is staying until tomorrow.  And she wonders why the laundry is piled almost to the ceiling! :)  Easter egg hunt at the NoVA Greens this weekend but my sister and her family are coming to stay at our house, then Easter Egg hunt at my parents the following weekend.  Hope we don't have to hitchhike because we run out of gas!  Since I have pictures of Dori and Ginny, i'm going to add a picture of Amelia with Richelle at the park.  That girls LOVES to swing!  :)   Apparently i'll have to add one later...the picture won't upload!  :)

Happy birthday Grace!! :)

Until next time!

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