Monday, March 12, 2012

A New Life for the Blog??

Let me begin by saying I have been wishy washy on starting this back up.  There have been many times that I decided I wanted to blog just because, but never sat down and did it.  Now i'm sitting, as I usually do while working.  My student, whom I am really enjoying working with, is taking a test, so I have a little while.  

I started this in August of 2010, then got pregnant with our 3rd child and never came back to it, for a number of reasons.  That one was a rough pregnancy.  I was sick through the entire thing, with a few days of not being sick around the 28 week mark.  I was then put on bed rest for high blood pressure.  Thank God my mom is retired and could take the girls to their house and keep them while I was on bed rest.  Fast forward 9 months and Amelia is healthy, happy, and lively.  She tried to keep up with her sisters.  Its only a matter of time before she lets go and is running.  She won't let go yet, but practically runs when holding on to something.  

I don't know what the point of this blog will be but a mish mosh of my life.  Maybe this will be therapeutic somehow?  :)  We shall see.  

We're taking the girls to see NC State women's gymnastics this Friday at William and Mary and i'm super excited.  I told them about it this afternoon and you should have seen their faces light up.  Maybe this will light the fire under Dori that sometimes things are hard and you have to work for them?  She has been wanting to go back to her previous gymnastics class because its easier, however when its easy for her she's bored and does what she wants to.  Not exactly a way to get ahead.  I know she's only 4, but some things need to be instilled in them early and a good work ethic I believe is one.  I will not be a parent, however, that makes my child continue something they truly dislike.  If she makes the team and doesn't want to do it, then so be it.  She can try something else.  

Ginny is taking a dance and gymnastics combo class and loves every minute of it.  We get to spend more time together because Dori has preschool 3 mornings a week, so when I drop her off, its just Ginny, Amelia, and I.  

Amelia is 9 months old and moving along.  She finally cut the latest two teeth and now has 6.  She's calling her dada which he eats up and happy as a lark, unless she's hungry.  

Ever feel like you don't have enough time to do what you need to, let alone what you want to?  My house is not ever the cleanest around, but I have 3 happy healthy kids, a happy, wonderful husband, so what else do you need?  I try to remind myself of that when I'm freaking out about the house being dirty or a lack of funds. 

So, that's just it.  I don't even have anything fun and exciting to post for dinner because I don't have any idea what we're having yet.  I'll figure it out when I get home from Target, which is where i'm going when I get off work as soon as my student is done with her test.  My goal is to get back on and stay on weight watchers and to be able to exercise more.  Since daylight savings time is here again, I can exercise once I get off of work since Jefferson will be at home with the kids, then he can go while I cook dinner.  Sounds like a great plan right? Well, we'll see.  I have a lot of great "on paper" plans.  :)  

Plans for the J finish his application for school, make some towels, maybe make a table runner for a gift.  :)  We shall see.  I'll let you know when I make something fun and exciting for dinner as its usually on the healthy side and quick.  Until then...

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